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Our Company Formation Services


Establish your company in any of the 50+ UAE free zones, boasting full ownership and zero income tax. Packages start at just AED 5,750

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Operate within Emirati Jurisdiction: Mainland companies thrive in commercialized regions. Explore low-cost formation packages, starting at AED 14,500

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Establish your offshore company, operate beyond UAE borders, and secure a corporate bank account. Initiate business incorporation in the economic hub of the Middle East, starting at AED 12,000*

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A Professional License is essential in Dubai and the UAE for individuals skilled in a specific profession, as well as service-focused companies such as consultancies, accounting firms, and healthcare services. Packages begin at AED 5000*

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Banking Support

uSquare transforms the banking experience for businesses, simplifying account setup for new entrants and tailoring solutions for established companies, optimizing financial infrastructure. Our comprehensive banking support also includes facilitating corporate listings with prominent banks, providing employees with exclusive access to loans, mortgages, and credit cards for enhanced financial prosperity.


Branding Solutions

uSquare's Brand Management, in collaboration with strategic partners iAdvance Solutions, delivers comprehensive solutions, leveraging extensive experience in crafting impactful brands within the UAE. Benefit from tailored strategies, distinctive logo design, engaging digital content, responsive websites, and targeted social media campaigns to elevate your corporate identity with strategic creativity.


Accounting & tax management solutions

uSquare's Accounting & Tax Management services offer flexible Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) with or without retainership, providing dedicated account management on-site or remotely. Our comprehensive services, including meticulous bookkeeping, VAT registration, and strategic financial planning, ensure not only compliance but also proactive financial optimization, setting your business on a path to success.


Most Frequent Questions Of Business Consulting

Often known as a Business License, a Trade License is an official document that outlines the permissible activities for a company operating in the UAE. There are 4 primary categories of licenses:

Professional license

mainland license

freezone license


A visa, in the context of foreign nationals establishing businesses in the UAE, is a legal document that permits them to reside and operate a business in the country. There are 4 distinct types of visas available, depending on the jurisdiction:

Investor Visa

Partner Visa

Employment Visa

Golden Visa

Although commonly recognized as a tax haven, here's a brief overview of the tax landscape in the UAE. - Income Tax Exemption: The UAE does not impose income tax on individuals.

- Value Added Tax (VAT):
   - 5% VAT on goods and services.
    - Applied at each stage of the supply chain, ultimately borne by the end consumer.

- Excise Tax:
   - Levied on specific goods harmful to health.

- Corporate Tax:
   - Applied on the net income or profit of corporations and other entities from their business operations.
Our Clients Reviews

What Our Clients Review About Our Services

I am Suresh Kumar, Managing Director of Hritz Worldwide Logistics, and I am thrilled to express my gratitude to uSquare Corporate Services for their exceptional support. uSquare truly made the impossible possible by facilitating the swift opening of our trade license within an astonishing 5 working days, coupled with securing a co-working space. Their efficiency didn't stop there – we had a fully operational bank account within just 2 weeks, providing us with the perfect launchpad for our operations.

What sets uSquare apart is not only their speed but also their cost-effectiveness. They proved to be the most economical choice for our business needs. I highly recommend uSquare Corporate Services for their unwavering commitment, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in making our business journey a seamless and successful one.

Suresh Kumar

Managing Director of Hritz Worldwide Logistics
As the Managing Director of USQUARE Homes Real Estate, I am delighted to share my outstanding experience with uSquare Corporate Services. Beyond the shared name, what truly binds us is our aligned work ethics – prompt, efficient, and dedicated.

uSquare Corporate Services played a pivotal role in helping us secure our Real Estate license in a remarkable 5 days, a process known for its complexities in the UAE. Their efficiency didn't stop there – they orchestrated the setup of our bank account within an impressive 20 days, nothing short of a miracle in the business world. Moreover, their assistance extended to securing brokerage cards for our real estate agents, showcasing their comprehensive support.

I wholeheartedly endorse uSquare Corporate Services for their remarkable commitment and efficiency in turning our business goals into a reality. Their expertise and dedication are truly commendable."


Managing Director of USQUARE Homes Real Estate
I am Urooj, the COO of iAdvance, and I am delighted to commend uSquare Corporate Services for their exceptional support in facilitating a banking facility that precisely met our requirements within an impressive 25 days. This swift and tailored service directly contributed to our company's growth.

uSquare's commitment and efficiency in navigating the complexities of securing a banking facility not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs and delivering timely solutions has been instrumental in driving our business forward.

I highly appreciate uSquare Corporate Services for their professionalism and proactive approach. They have proven to be a valuable partner in our growth journey, and I would recommend their services without hesitation.


COO of iAdvance
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